Ca Mau (1725)

The Ca Mau shipwreck was a Chinese junk, almost certainly en route from Canton (now Guangzhou) to the Dutch trading port of Batavia (now Jakarta).

The shipwreck was in the sea depth of 36m with some obscure tracks of 24m long and about 8m wide.

Vietnamese fishermen discovered the wreck of a Chinese junk off the coast of the Ca Mau Peninsula in southern Vietnam in 1998. More than 130,000 pieces of porcelain were retrieved, and three Vietnamese museums selected pieces for their collections. The remaining 76,000 ceramics, including this bowl and saucer, were sold commercially at auction in Amsterdam in 2007.

The best-known pieces are the porcelains from Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province, where ceramics have been produced since the fourteenth century; other notable pieces include those from the Dehua kiln complex in Hujian and from  Guangzhou  in Guangdong.

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