Huaguangjiao No.1 Shipwreck

The Shipwreck Huaguangjiao No.1 is a 20m long and 6m wide Chinese merchant ship, which was built between 1127 and 1279 AD during the Song Dynasty.

It was discovered in 1996 about 3m below the surface near the Huaguang Reef, and was excavated by the archaeologists of the National Museum of China in 2007. Approximately 10,000 pieces of relics and 511 pieces of decks were discovered from the shipwreck. Among the items recovered were some exquisite blue-white porcelain from the Jingdezhen factory, in Jiangxi Province, shadowy blue porcelains, green glazed porcelain plates, pots and other rare antiques. Brown-glazed wares have also been found, indicating the possibility that they might date from an even earlier period in time.

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