Dana Biosphere Reserve is about 300 square km spreads within Tafilah governarate, the population of villages & populated areas around the reserve is about 33.4 thousand people.

During the last five decades, these villages especially the eastern & northern parts around reserve witnessed substantial development that contributed to the change of lifestyle of the locals from the nomadic, traditional farming and grazing life style into a more settled style living in cement houses with electricity, water and infra structure that helped villagers reach schools andhealth services more easily.

The locals around the reserve are originally from different clans and tribes.

People in upper eastern & northern areas work on farming and depend mainly on jobs in the government and Cement, Phosphatefactories, and Dana Reserve, in addition to livestock grazing.

While Bedouins on western lower areas still dependon livestock grazing beside some jobs in Feynan ecolodge/Dana BR and farming activities. Read more about this reserve on the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves website.

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