Basant Kite Flying Festival

The people in Pakistan celebrate the Basant Kite Flying Festival with great pomp and show. The celebration takes place in the spring season. The beauty of the nature in the spring season adds to the festival it is a celebration of the starting of the season that is celebrated by flying colorful kites in the sky. The kites are of different size and shapes, some of them also carry special messages that are written to God. People write their wishes, prayers and also regards to their God on the kite and make it fly high in the sky. Festival of Basant kite flying is actually a Hindu festival that the people of the Punjab province started celebrating but as the days passed-on the festival became common among the people of the country and now it is a festival that the country celebrates every year.

The Basant Kite Flying Festival in Pakistan is celebrated in Lahore where a huge crowd including men, women and young people of all ages participate and there are various activities other than the Kite flying competitions take place. There are many things to shop for, various food items to taste, especially the Hindu and Pakistani food preparations. The sweet-dishes are the main attraction of the festival that is really enjoyed by the tourists of foreign countries. Basant Kite Flying Festival is an enjoyable experience for the people of the country as well as the foreigners. 


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